Virtual Platform

No matter where in the world you may be, you can become a part of our ‘Stretch Fam’ community.

Our virtual class options are available in a ‘drop in class,’ method, as well as a monthly membership. We’ve tried to make our classes as affordable and as accessable as possible. We currenlty offer a live stream class every Thursday at 6:30pm, Atlantic Standard time. (Halifax, NS.) Although anyone will benefit from our virtual classes, they have been carefully created with the needs of artistic athletes in mind.

All live classes take place via zoom. If you are unable to make a class, not to worry! We send out a full video re-cap of our classes after they are completed, so you can take part during a time that is more suitable for you. Recap links stay ‘live,’ for seven days.

Classes priced at as low as $10.00 CAD. Book online and checkout via PayPal. Pay via debit or credit card.


Barre Fitness classes are excellent for toning and strengthening your muscles. We focus on low weight, high repetition exercises to help tone and tighten the body. Barre classes are extremely fun and empowering. They will leave you feeling strong and graceful, all at the same time.
At this time, we currently offer a FULL Body Barre class, as well as a Unilateral Lower Body Barre Class. Unilater Lower Body Barre is catered towards single leg exercises to help improve overall balance.

Back Strength & Flexibility

Our Back Strength + Flexibility Class is a great one. In order to improve back flexibility, you must also have signifiant muscle strength/body awareness to hold these positions. During this class, we provide both stretch & strength exercises to help all of your back bend dreams come true.

Splits Class

Our Splits class is designed to improve the participants flexibility, while improving their overall anatomy knowledge. We spend considerable time educating the proper muscle anatomy, and explaining which muscles need to be strengthened/lengthened in order to learn your splits/oversplits etc.
This class takes place in a safe/effective mannor, providing a proper warm up/cool down, with a few strengthening exercises to the hips as well.

‘One Time Workshops’

We offer many ‘One Time,’ unique virtual workshops. Our ‘One Time,’ workshops range from Sports specific, to pain management, to wellness professional self care. Click on the link below, to see what current workshops we may be offering.

We are always open to new ideas! Have a workshop request? Let us know, as we’d love to accommodate your needs.

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